O R A L   H I S T O R Y   A S S O C I A T I O N                                         

     SFOHA Series MSU consists of tapes that for several years, early in the organization's existence, were placed in the Voice Library at Michigan State University for safekeeping.  While they were there, Dr. Maurice Crane, head of the Voice Library, added tapes with a science fiction interest that were made on the campus, and he kindly permitted SFOHA to reclaim these along with our own tapes.  Copies of all of these tapes, along with the remainder of the SFOHA Archives, have now been placed in the MSU Voice Library. 

     Early in the SFOHA's existence, its continuation seemed doubtful;  for a time it was without a president, and it was during this period that MSU kindly safeguarded our tapes and assisted in a number of ways, one of special value being to permit the use of its high speed copying machine. 

     While the tapes were in MSU's possession, some work was done on cataloging them, and a student assistant listened to many of the tapes.  Some of the tape commentary in this series and the timing indicated for items on the tapes comes from that student's work.  The tapes have been renumbered to conform with our own classification system. 

     Both Sides.  AutoClave Banquet, July 23, 1977.  Jon Singer, Toastmaster; Don A. Thompson, Pro Guest of Honor;  Don D'Ammassa, Fan Guest of Honor.  GoH speeches, with presentation of fan awards.   

     Side A.  Isaac Asimov, formal speech, "Utopian Change."  This was the Eisenhower Symposium Lecture delivered at Johns Hopkins University, March 3, 1974.  Very good audio.

     Side B.  Conclusion of Asimov Talk.  Q&A.  Total 55 minutes.  Followed by Joanna Russ discussing the literary scene, no place or date given.  35 minutes.  Poor audio. 

     Side A.  Lloyd Biggle, Jr., GoH speech, ConFusion 14, Ann Arbor Inn, January, 1977.  Biggle discusses his musical background, with examples of his own compositions and an excerpt from a tape of a concert performance he took part in as a clarinetist.  Two songs written by Biggle (performed by the EMU Madrigal Singers) are copied onto the beginning of Side A (they occur again in the course of the speech.)

     Side B.  Conclusion of speech, followed by the recording of the EMU Madrigal singers performing during the convention banquet. 

     Both Sides.  Kate Wilhelm, interviewed by Paula Smith and Sharon Rhine.  ConFusion Pi, January, 1978. 

     Side A.  Stan Schmidt interview.  Interviewer unidentified.  Q&A.  Conclave II, Romulus, MI, October, 1977.

     Side B.  Blank. 

     Side A.  Discussion with two SF fans who are also attorneys, Larry Propp and Alex Berman, "Fandom and the Law."  Law and copyright law relating to writing, publishing, and fan activities.  23 minutes.  Following this is a panel (members unidentified) on "Blinking Lights," a General Technics discussion of electronics and other matters for hobbyists and would be writers of science and general tech articles.  Convention and date not identified.  It may have come from ConClave about 1977-78.

     Side B.  Conclusion of "Blinking Lights" panel. 

     Both Sides.  Roger Zelazny, GoH speech, Marcon VII, Toledo, Ohio, 1972.  Introduction by Dannie Plachta.  Conclusion on Side B is very short, about 5 minutes. 

     Side A.  Alan Dean Foster interview, 3/19/77.  Place and occasion not noted; interviewer is not identified.

     Side B.  Leigh Brackett, interviewed by Mary Mueller and Howard DeVore at MidwestCon 28, 6/25/77.  Very bad background noise makes tape difficult to understand. 

     Both Sides.  James Gunn, GoH Speech at Marcon 10, Columbus, Ohio, 1975. Discussion of his own SF career and the SF scene.  NOTE: MASTER TAPE STICKS AND WILL NOT PLAY ON SOME MACHINES.  OUR HIGH SPEED COPIER WAS ABLE TO MAKE A USABLE COPY, THOUGH VOICE PITCHES FLUCTUATE OCCASIONALLY. 

     Both Sides.  Clifford Amsbury for the Science Fiction Oral History Association.  The speaker was one of the first--if not the first--science fiction fans.  (Fred Pohl calls him "the first organized fan anywhere.")  He was organizing SF fan clubs back in the 1920s.  When SFOHA was organized, he did this special tape for the archives, giving his thoughts on SF, fandom, fan organizations and their history, and so on.  This tape probably was made about 1979-80. 

     Side A.  Gordon R. Dickson and Robert Asprin talk about common sense in the business and inspirational aspects of writing as a career.  Conclave II, October, 1977.  This material sounds as though it should be the second of two tapes--it contains the ending of a discussion, and it lasts only about 15 minutes on side A. (If so, the first tape never reached SFOHA.)  The original 90 minute tape can easily be copied onto a 60 minute tape.

     Side B.  Blank. 

     Both Sides.  T. L. (Tom) Sherred, interviewed by Lloyd Biggle, Jr. with Tom's wife, Mary Lu Sherred.  Suzi Stefl was also present but remained mute, an unusual circumstance.  Sherred discusses the origin of his stories such as "E for Effort" and how a stroke ended his writing career.  Utica, Michigan, December 3, 1977. 

     Side A.  Hal Clement (Harry Stubbs) at Nova II, 2/5/77.  A general question and answer session with Clement and the Nova audience.  It is very short, lasts only about 20 minutes.

     Side B.  Ibid.  Hal Clement Interview, interviewer unidentified.  Also about 20 minutes. 

     Side A. Introductory activities at the Science Fiction Convention, ConFusion Pi, January, 1978, with Ro Lutz-Nagy;  followed by a panel, "The Care and Feeding of the GoH," moderated by Rusty Hevelin, with Lou Tabakow, Gay Haldeman, and Gordon Dickson.  Among subjects discussed are the selection of convention guests of honor, and their compensation (or lack thereof).

     Side B.  Conclusion of panel discussion.  Q&A. 

     Both Sides.  "The Worlds of Theodore Sturgeon."  Theodore Sturgeon, interviewed by Lloyd Biggle, Jr.  Conclave III, Romulus, Michigan, 11/4/78.  Sturgeon's early life, his career, and his writings -- including non-SF writings -- are covered.  This interview was scheduled and recorded by SFOHA for its archives.  It includes a song inspired by Sturgeon's story, "A Saucer of Loneliness," written and performed by Kittredge Cary;  and a song with words and music by Sturgeon, performed by EMU students.  The text for this song appears in Sturgeon's story, "Thunder and Roses."  These songs are also found on tapes SP--8 and SP--9. 

     Both Sides.  Conclave III Banquet, Romulus, MI, 11/4/78.  Short songs by the EMU Madrigal Singers.  GoH Speech by Theodore Sturgeon, introduced by Steve Simmons.  Sturgeon's topic:  "Miracles and Love."  Speech concludes on Side A.  Side B has additional banquet activity including presentation of awards. 

     Side A.  Panel, "How to Write SF," with Robert Asprin, Stan Schmidt, Gordon R. Dickson, Ted Reynolds.  Conclave III, Romulus, MI, 11/4/78.

     Side B.  Blank. 

     Side A.  Fan History:  History of the Michigan Misfits, a fan group founded in 1947-48 by Donald Benjamin Singer, with the tale of the organization's staging of the 1959 WorldCon in Detroit.  Panel with Howard DeVore, Dean McLaughlin, and Roger Sims.  Conclave III, Romulus, MI, 11/4/78.

     Side B.  Blank. 

     Side A.  "The Man John W. Campbell," a panel discussion concerning science fiction's legendary editor, with Theodore Sturgeon, Lloyd Biggle, Jr., Murray Yaco, and Stan Schmidt.  Conclave III, Romulus, MI, 11/4/78.

     Side B.  The panel concludes on Side A.  A brief "sign off" ran over onto Side B.  This is one of a series of panels and interviews devoted to John W. Campbell. 

     Both Sides.  "Whither Goest Analog."  Stan Schmidt, Analog's new editor (at that time) interviewed by Howard DeVore and Rusty Hevelin.  The interview extends about five minutes into Side B.  Conclave III, Romulus, MI, 11/5/78. 

     Both Sides.  Interview with Robin Scott Wilson, conducted by Maurice Crane and Glenn Wright.  MSU Clarion Conference, East Lansing, MI., 7/7/77.  Interview runs only about 8 minutes into Side B. 

     Both Sides.  Interview with Harlan Ellison, conducted by Maurice Crane and Glenn Wright.  MSU Clarion Conference, East Lansing, MI., 7/16/77.  Interview runs 28 minutes into Side B. 

     Both Sides.  Interview with A.J. Budrys, conducted by Maurice Crane and Glenn Wright.  MSU Clarion Conference, East Lansing, MI., 7/21/77.  Interview runs 28 minutes into Side B. 

     Both Sides.  Interview with Peter S. Beagle, conducted by Maurice Crane and Glenn Wright.  MSU Clarion Conference, East Lansing, MI., 7/27/77.  Interview runs 20 minutes into Side B. 

     Side A.  General Technics Panel for electronics and technical hobbyists.  Participants are identified on the panel.  Marcon XIV, 3/17/79.  This panel is one of a series.  Earlier panels were held at ConFusion, in Ann Arbor (Recorded on SFOHA tape MSU--6, entitled, "Blinking Lights"), and at WindyCon in Chicago (not recorded.) 

     Side B.  Blank. 

     Both Sides.  Marcon XIV Banquet Activities. 3/17/79.  Speeches by fan GoH Fred Haskell and Pro GoH Katherine Kurtz.  The Kurtz speech starts at the end of Side A and extends through Side B.   

     Side A.  "Women in SF," a speech by Dorothy Hicks.  Time: 25:30.  Date and place not known. 

     Technical:  Good quality, a good tape for public playing.  Someone plays with the mike about 18 minutes into the speech, which is the one distraction.

     Contents:  "Women and science fiction are two losers, two underdogs.  They need each other."  Contrasts women and the female hero in SF past and present.  Remarks on the emerging role of women, especially as it relates to fiction and science fiction.

     Side B.  Alex Panshin, interviewed by telephone by Roger Reynolds for his fanzine, FUTURE FOCUS.  Time:  14:50.  Date not given.

     Technical:  First five minutes consist of testing and experimentation with tape played at two different speeds.  Background noise as though someone is playing with the recorder or the mike.  Would need editing to make a general listening tape.

     Contents:  Panshin talks about his own books Rite of Passage and Heinlein in Dimension and the resulting conflict with Heinlein.  Also Panshin's experience as a fan who won the fanwriter Hugo Award. 

     Side A.  Fantasy Writer's Panel with Katherine Kurtz, and Andrew Offutt.  The tape begins with five minutes of the muddle that is common at conventions:  Ross Pavlac makes announcements; Wilson "Bob" Tucker introduces Fred Haskell, Fan GoH, who says a few words.  Tucker then introduces Katherine Kurtz, Pro GoH.  After her remarks, Tucker introduces the panel.  The discussion concerns settings for fantastic fiction based on history, ie, Medieval, Elizabethan; planning stories that will occupy several volumes rather than the single novel with no sequel; and a diversity of related topics.  Marcon XIV, 3/17/79.

     The final eight minutes are occupied by the beginning of a Fan History panel, Fannish Reminiscences with Bob Tucker and Fred Haskell, concerning Minneapolis Fandom, the growth of Science Fiction Conventions, various individual conventions, the fanzine RUNE.  Ibid.

     Side B.  Conclusion of Fan History  panel.  Q&A.

     Technical:  Clarity on Side A good after panel begins except for occasional fading.  Good throughout on Side B. 

     Side A Only.  Frederik Pohl, interviewed by Ed Burrows for Radio Station WUOM.  Public Interview at ConClave III, Romulus, MI, October, 1978. 

     Both Sides. "How to Build an Alien," panel discussion with A.E. Van Vogt, Lynn Abbey, and Robert "Buck" Coulson.  Conclave IV, Romulus, MI, 11/3/79. 

     Both Sides.  Frank Herbert, speaking at MSU, 7/5/79.  "The Future Game," with references to the Dune Trilogy, SF and Future Visions.  75 minutes. 

     Both Sides.  Harlan Ellison reading from his own work.  Detroit Triple Fanfare, 1967.  Ellison reads from "!!!The!!Teddy!CCrazy!!Show!!!" and "Shattered Like a Glass Goblin."  Cassett remastered by Charles Oliver from SFOHA open reel 020.  Original is badly distorted; playback improves if treble is increased. 

     Side A.  James Gunn, "Science Fiction and the Media," speech given at an Eastern Michigan University Science Fiction Convention (the first in the ConClave series of conventions), held at the EMU Student Union, Ypsilanti, MI, 3/27/76.  Gunn discusses his own experiences with the making of the film version of his novel, The Immortals.  Cassette remastered by Charles Oliver from the SFOHA open reel 004.  40 minutes.

     Side B.  Speech by an unidentified Science Fiction artist.    Remastered by Charles Oliver from SFOHA open reel 022.  Some distortion on Side B. 

     Both Sides.  Frederik Pohl and Jack Williamson in a two-member panel discussing, "The Art, Science, and Combat of Collaboration."  ConFusion 14, Ann Arbor Inn, Ann Arbor, MI, January, 1977.  Introduction by Jim Martin.  Q&A.  Pohl and Williamson are veterans of collaboration with other authors--including a series of novels done with each other.  They offer rare insights into an activity that seems more common in Science Fiction than with other types of literature.  They also discuss problems in writing and in getting published.  A valuable tape, excellent for public playing.  Time, about 50 minutes.

     Note:  the original master is a reel tape, SFOHA Number 003.  The 90 minute cassette master was copied from it.  In SFOHA's backup collection of first copies, the "first copy" of this cassette is actually a second master, taken from the reel onto a sixty minute cassette by Charles Oliver. 

     Both Sides.  Panel, "How to Interview an Author."  Ed Burrows, of Radio Station WUOM, Frederik Pohl, Gordon Dickson.  Joe DeBolt, of Central Michigan University, Moderator.  Subject introduced by Lloyd Biggle, Jr.  ConFusion 14, the Ann Arbor Inn, Ann Arbor, MI, January, 1977, 50 minutes.  Discussion of problems in interviewing from the point of view of both interviewer and subject.  Cassette remastered by Charles Oliver from SFOHA open reel 008. 

     Both Sides.  1st of 2 Tapes taken from 120 Master.  "An Evening for James Blish," held at the Institute for Contemporary Arts, London, 2/19/76.  James Blish, American Science Fiction writer, died in England on July 30, 1975.  This is a recording of a memorial program for him.  The 120 Master was donated to SFOHA by Judy Blish, Mrs. James Blish.  Continued and concluded on MSU--37. 

     Both Sides.  2nd of 2 Tapes taken from 120 Master.  "An Evening for James Blish," concluded from tape MSU--36.  The memorial program on these two tapes is as follows:   

Host:  Charles Monteith of Faber & Faber, Ltd.

1.  Peter Nicholls of the Science Fiction Foundation

2.  Andrew Stephenson, Writer and Illustrator, reading from Dr.   Mirabilis

3.  Extract from The Egyptian Helen, by Richard Strauss

4.  First recording by Vanguard Records, Toccata Guatemala

5.  Mark Adlard, Author

6.  Richard Cowper, Writer, reading from A Case of Conscience

7.  John Brunner--Poetry

8.  Josephine Saxton, Author, reading from unpublished work in        progress

9.  James Joyce, reading from Finnegans Wake.

10.  Bob Shaw, Author

11.  James Blish, Guest of Honor Speech (condensed) delivered at the   World Science Fiction Convention, Pittsburgh, 1960.  Tape Engineering by Gerald Bishop 

Both Sides. John W. Campbell panel. This is one of several panels on Campbell held at various conventions under oral history sponsorship. Lloyd Biggle, Jr., Moderator, Gordon Dickson, Poul Anderson, Jack Williamson. ConFusion 14/1st SF Oral History  Conference, January, 1977. Remastered by Martha Tattan from Reel 009. 

Both Sides. Panel, "How Much of an Author is in His or Her Work." Joe Haldeman, Gene Wolfe, Joan Holly, Phyllis Eisenstein. George R.R. Martin, the scheduled moderator, was one of those grounded by the blizzard.    (See below, MSU--40).  ConFusion 14/1st SF Oral History Conference, January, 1977.   Remastered by Martha Tattan from Reel 010. 

     Both Sides. Minneapolis Panel with Poul Anderson and Gordon Dickson.  This panel is a discussion of the Minneapolis Fantasy Society and its descendants and the activity that produced an amazing number of prominent SF writers in the Minneapolis area. Anderson and Dickson were only two of them.  Clifford Simak and Lester Del Rey were scheduled to take part in this panel, along with other writers; unfortunately, they were unable to attend because of the blizzard that hit the Midwest that weekend. ConFusion 14/1st SF Oral History Conference, January, 1977. Remastered by Martha Tattan from Reel 011. 

     Side A. Fan Guest of Honor Speech by Ro Lutz-Nagy with introductions by former Fan Guests of Honor at ConFusion, James Martin, Mike Glicksohn, and Bill Bowers. ConFusion 14, January, 1977. Remastered by Martha Tattan from Reel 012.

     Side B. Blank. 

Both Sides. Eastern Michigan University Madrigal Singers performing during the convention banquet.  ConFusion 14, January, 1977.  Remastered by Martha Tattan from Reel 013. 

     Both Sides. Pro Guest of Honor Speech by Poul Anderson, followed by the convention's closing ceremonies. ConFusion 14, January, 1977. Remastered by Martha Tattan from Reel 014. 

Both Sides.  Panel on the Milford Conferences with  Kate Wilhelm, Gordon Dickson, Joe Haldeman, and Gene Wolfe.  Moderated by Lloyd Biggle, Jr.  Includes questions and answers.  Second panel about he Milford Conferences sponsored by the Science Fiction Oral History Association.  ConFusion Pi, January 14, 1978.  Remastered by Martha Tattan from SFOHA Reel 031. 

Karrie Potter interviewed by Joe Haldeman.  ConFusion Pi.  Ann Arbor, Michigan,  January, 1978  Tape runs about five minutes and stops abruptly.  Remastered by Martha Tattan from SFOHA Reel 032. 

Both Sides. Panel on the L-5 space colonization concept with members of the L-5 Society: Bob Lovel, Roger Gregory, Joe Haldeman, Ran Sinberg.  Includes questions and answers.  ConFusion Pi. Ann Arbor, Michigan, January, 1978.  Remastered by Martha Tattan from SFOHA Reel 033. 

Both sides. Fan Guest of Honor Speech at ConFusion Pi. Ann Arbor, Michigan, January, 1978.  Mike Glicksohn introduces Bill Bowers, who introduces Ro Lutz-Nagy, who introduces Fan GoH Jackie Causgrove.  Includes questions and answers.  Remastered by Martha Tattan from SFOHA Reel 034. 

Both sides. Panel on workshops for science fiction writers.  Kate Wilhelm (Moderator), George R. R. Martin, Phyllis Eisenstein, Gene Wolfe.  ConFusion Pi. Ann Arbor, Michigan, January, 1978.  Remastered by Martha Tattan from SFOHA Reel 035. 

Side A.  Conclusion of Kate Wilhelm's Pro Guest of Honor speech.  ConFusion Pi. Ann Arbor, Michigan, January, 1978.  Continued from MSU--50. 

Side A. Introductions and other convention business.  ConFusion Pi. Ann Arbor, Michigan, January, 1978.

Side B. Kate Wilhelm's Pro Guest of Honor speech.  ConFusion Pi. Ann Arbor, Michigan, January, 1978.  Continued on MSU--49 

Both sides.  Panel of science fiction writers recorded at a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science by radio station WVOM, which could have gotten it from elsewhere.  Ben Bova, David Gerrold, Frank Herbert, Ralph Sinclair (Moderator).  Each author speaks on a subject of his choice.  Remastered by Martha Tattan from SFOHA Reels 038 and 039. 

Both sides. Portrait of E. E. "Doc" Smith by his daughter, Verna Smith Trestrail, her husband, Al Trestrail, and Frederik Pohl  Recorded at a science fiction conference at Eastern Michigan University around 1976.  Side B stops suddenly after about 21 minutes because someone accidentally disconnected the power cord for the recorder. 

Both sides. Lloyd Biggle, Jr. interviewed by Elizabeth Ann Hull.  Demonstration interview for annual Popular Culture Association meeting at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan, October 24, 1980.  Prior to the formal interview Biggle, founder and president of the Science Fiction Oral History Association, talks about SFOHA history and the problems of interviewing and recording interviews.  Hull discusses methods of preparing for interviews, including this one.  The interview follows. 


     Both Sides.  "Ballantine Science Fiction Hour," probably recorded from a broadcast on 3/3/76.  One of a series of programs with Science Fiction authors discussing what is in store for man, the Earth, and the Universe.  This one concerns the future of man and the Earth, first with a discussion by Lester del Rey and Frederik Pohl;  then with a panel discussion including Alan Dean Foster, Larry Niven, and Leigh Brackett.  Good audio.  Duplicate of CM--46 

"Ballantine Science Fiction Hour,"   One of a series of programs with Science Fiction authors discussing what is in store for man, the Earth, and the Universe.  Arthur C. Clarke is interviewed; then a panel discussion of the interview with Isaac Asimov, Lester Del Rey, Gordon R. Dickson, Frederik Pohl. 

Side A.  "Ballantine Science Ficton Hour." Ann McCaffrey talks about Women's Role in Science Fiction stories, followed by a discussion of the same subject by a panel composed of Isaac Asimov, Frederik Pohl, Lester del Rey, and Gordon Dickson. Remastered by Martha Tattan from Reel 050

Side B. Blank 

"Ballantine Science Fiction Hour," probably recorded  from a broadcast on 5/14/76.  Discussion of Hard Science Fiction with Larry Niven and Alan Dean Foster, followed by a panel on the same subject with Isaac Asimov, Lester del Rey, Frederik Pohl, and Gordon Dickson.  Duplicate of CM--48. 

Both sides.  Hal Clement narrating a slide show about the planets.  Probably recorded at a convention in Michigan.  Poor sound quality in places. 

Both sides.  Hal Clement narrating a slide show about science fiction.  Probably recorded at the same Michigan convention as MSU--58.  The date is not known, but Clement, who was born May 30, 1922, refers to himself as 54.  Includes questions and answers.  Sound quality is frequently poor. 

Side A.  Talk by Joan Holly about the soft sciences in science fiction and about how psychology and sociology can dehumanize people.  Approximately 23 minutes.  Recorded February 5, 1977.  Followed by the beginning of a talk by Roger Joseph Salant on his career as a writer.  Probably recorded at the same con as the talk by Joan Holly.  Sound quality poor.

Side B. Conclusion of talk by Roger Joseph Salant.  Sound quality poor. 

Tape remastered by Martha Tattan from two reels.  Joan Holly from Reel 024; Roger Joseph Salant from Reel 025.


Both sides.  James Gunn talks about his science fiction career.  Talk may have been given at Eastern Michigan University at a convention given there about 1978.  Audio clear but noisy.  45 minutes. 

Side A.  Hal Clement interviewed.  17 minutes.

Side B.  Casual discussion of UFOs on Arthur Godfrey radio program, July 30, 1965 among members of the cast. There are passing mentions of Frederik Pohl who had been a guest recently.  3 minutes.  Contains no useful information. 

Both sides.  "Forward Into the Past - Prediction in Science Fiction.  Panel at Decadent ConFusion, January 26, 1985, Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Lloyd Biggle, Jr. moderator, Dean McLaughlin, Ted Reynolds, Chris Clayton.    Includes questions and answers. 

Both sides.  "Which Comes First - Script or Novel?"  Panel as Decadent ConFusion, January 26, 1985, Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Alan Dean Foster, Mike Resnick, Lloyd Biggle, Jr. Discusion of screenwriting and novelization. Includes questions and answers.  Side B.  5 minutes.

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