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Starting your own Chapter of the
Science Fiction Oral History Association

SFOHA encourages volunteers everywhere to formalize their activities into local area chapters. In order to start a chapter, you need to have enough people in your area to support a reasonable meeting size. We invite you to contact us at info@sfoha.org to find out how many members we already have in your area. When you establish a chapter we can help you to contact those members to let them know about meetings and other activities.

We also encourage you to join the SFOHA Talk list and announce chapter activities there.

Chapter Structure

All members of subchapters should be or become members of SFOHA. This is only $5 a year and has benfits, so we don't think your members will find this burdensome.

We suggest you form a chapter by organizing a meeting and electing a local chapter president and a local chapter secretary/treasurer. We are happy to host web pages for chapters here on the SFOHA web site.

Suggested Chapter Activities

* currently the master archive is at Anne and Bill Murphy's house, 509 Dartmoor Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48103.

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